Complexes of Technologies and Scientific Support of Production Processes of Plastic Forming of Especially-Important Machinery Parts Made of High-Strength Anisotropic Materials

Authors: Kolmykov V.A., Kovrigin L.A., Yefremov A.K. , Polikarpov Ye.Yu., Polukhin N.V. , Shiryaev A.V., Ovchinnikov A.G., Yakovlev S.P., Yakovlev S.S., Chudin V.N. Published: 17.01.2014
Published in issue: #4(73)/2008  


Category: Production Process Procedures and Machines  

Based on applied studies of theory of plastic metal working, the scientific base for design, analysis and computation of technological parameters of processes of deforming anisotropic materials in manufacturing important machinery parts is created which makes it possible to determine force parameters, to take into account conditions of deforming and properties of material being worked, to estimate limiting possibilities of forming, to determine quality factors of the manufactured article, to assign production process parameters with consideration of operation conditions of the article. Examples of industrial implementation of the obtained study results are given.