The Concept of Constructing a Stand to Test the SpaceWire Onboard Equipment with Possibility of Software and Hardware Simulation of Reconfigurable Topology of the Spacecraft Onboard Network

Authors: Maksyutin A.S., Murygin A.V. Published: 23.06.2023
Published in issue: #2(145)/2023  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2023-2-4-14

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Aircrafts Development, Design and Manufacture  
Keywords: test stands, test methods, spacecraft, onboard networks, SpaceWire


The paper presents results of developing a concept of the stand for complex testing of the SpaceWire onboard equipment and its block diagram with detailed description of the components. General stand functionality is described. It is divided into two main groups: autonomous testing of the SpaceWire onboard equipment provided by the stand component, i.e., the terminal device autonomous testing unit, and testing of the information interaction of the constructed network topology provided by the network switching environment simulator units and the network terminal units simulators. The basic principle is described in detail, due to which information in the constructed network topology is interacting in hardware and software simulation on the stand. The main development feature is considered consisting in the possibility of scaling the stand components and making it possible to reconfigure the network topology depending on the task to solve --- constructing a specific model of the spacecraft onboard network. Examples of the stand possible configuration are provided with different number of the simulated on-board network nodes and switches, as well as description of the implemented stand part and practical application with the SpaceWire equipment

Please cite this article in English as:

Maksyutin A.S., Murygin A.V. The concept of constructing a stand to test the SpaceWire onboard equipment with possibility of software and hardware simulation of reconfigurable topology of the spacecraft onboard network. Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Series Mechanical Engineering, 2023, no. 2 (145), pp. 4--14 (in Russ.). DOI: https://doi.org/10.18698/0236-3941-2023-2-4-14


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