Development of Technique for Numerical Analysis of Dynamical Characteristics of Multisaw Machine with Circular Translational Motion of Wood-Cutting Blades

Authors: Gavryushin S.S., Prokopov V.S., Blokhin M.A. Published: 08.10.2013
Published in issue: #4(81)/2010  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: wave stepper motor, pneumatic hydrodistributor, pressure pulses, wave of deformation, piston group, quasi-one-dimensional motion, Lax-Wendorff scheme

The complex mathematical model is considered which is designed for analysis of woodworking equipment that belongs to the new in essence class-multisaw machines with circular translational motion of wood-cutting blades. The influence of construction and technological parameters on functional characteristics of the equipment is numerically studied. A technique of determining the range of reasonable values of parameters in order to provide the safe and efficient work which is based on decomposition of the mechanical system with the step by step calculation of the mill's main nodes. The finite element method is used for studying the strengthening and dynamical characteristics of the saw module and unit, but for analysis of the saw blades' motion, qualitative methods of studying the nonlinear systems' motion are applied.