Using Two-Link Mechanism for Guidance of Image-Taking Apparatus of Small Spacecraft

Authors: Leskov A.G., Karandaev A.A. Published: 07.10.2013
Published in issue: #3(80)/2010  


Category: Robotics and Automatics  
Keywords: two-link turning mechanism, compensation of dynamical mutual effect, camera guidance system, single-degree-of-freedom turning mechanism, trajectory planning, isoclines ofzero perturbations

A problem of guidance of a camera onboard a small spacecraft is considered with application of multilink turning mechanisms. It is shown that using the similar mechanisms provides the substantial reduction in affect from the moving camera on the spacecraft. The relations are derived and recommendations are developed on planning trajectories of motion of the two-link turning mechanisms, on choosing its geometric and inertia parameters including those providing the specified range of camera displacements (with account for the turn angle constraints for links) and ruling out the occurrence of singularities. The studies are based on presentation of the guidance system as a multidimensional dynamical system.