Visualization and Image Analysis of Outflow of Combustion Products of Pyrotechnic Composition from the Model Gasgenerator

Authors: Yagodnikov D.A., Khomyakov I.I., Burkov A.S., Artyukhova O.A. Published: 29.05.2014
Published in issue: #3(96)/2014  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: high-speed video shooting, pyrotechnics, torch, combustion products, digital image processing, optical pyrometry

Using the visualization, experimental studies of outflow of combustion products of solid pyrotechnic composition from a two-nozzle unit of the model gasgenerator are conducted. The methods are described: for calibrating the exposure degree (gray level) of the Videosprint matrix camcorder according to the brightness temperature of the tungsten filament of the standard lamp SI8-200; for pseudo-color coding of images; for configuring the color wedge taking into account the introduced calibration curve. The examples of pseudo-color processing of a frame of the outflowing stream of combustion products in the fire test and the temperature field with the highest values in the range 2400-2500 K are given. It is found that the use of high-speed digital video camera with a frequency of shooting of 500 frames/s resulted in registration of vortex structures on a border of the stream of combustion products, unlike video shooting by the Panasonic camera (a frequency of 25 frames/s), when a border of the submerged stream appears smooth.


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