Selecting optimality criteria in designing flow part of turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Authors: Demikhov K.E., Ochkov A.A. Published: 21.12.2015
Published in issue: #6(105)/2015  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2015-6-121-129

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Vacuum, Compressor Technology, and Pneumatic Systems  
Keywords: vacuum pump, flow part, impeller, blade channels, pumped characteristic, pumping rate, compression ratio

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps (TMP) are becoming more widespread in different fields of science and technology nowadays due to a number of intrinsic reasons. The valid argument for it is a deep consideration of theoretical and calculating aspects concerning the description of operational processes in the flow part of a turbomolecular vacuum pump. It allows solving different problems of improving optimality criteria of turbomolecular vacuum pumps. It seems very important considering the present-day requirements imposed on modern vacuum pumping devices. The paper presents the authors’ unique calculation method for estimating optimality criteria for impellers in the flow part of TMP, provided their amount minimized. The recommendations for solving actual engineering problems are given.


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