Unsteady Motion of Viscous Electrically Conductive Fluid Rotating in Half-Space Bounded by a Wall in the Presence of Medium Injection (Suction)

Authors: Gurchenkov A.A. Published: 20.02.2020
Published in issue: #1(130)/2020  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2020-1-107-118

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Nuclear Power Plants, Fuel Cycle, Radiation Safety  
Keywords: magnetic hydrodynamic equations, electrically conductive fluid, normal oscillations, boundary layers

The study is devoted to studying motion of a viscous electrically conductive incompressible fluid, which initially rotates as a solid body with constant angular velocity together with a porous wall bounding it under the influence of suddenly appearing longitudinal oscillations of the wall. The wall forms an arbitrary angle with the axis of rotation. Unsteady flow is induced by longitudinal wall oscillations, injection (suction) of the medium directed perpendicular to the porous plate surface and by suddenly activated constant magnetic field directed on the normal to the plate. Solutions were constructed for velocity fields and fluid pressure. Induced magnetic field in the flow of electrically conductive fluid was determined. A number of particular cases of the wall motion were considered. Based on the results obtained, separate structures of the boundary layers adjacent to the wall were examined


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