Estimating Diversification Readiness of a Military-Industrial Complex Enterprise

Authors: Falko S.G., Ryzhikova T.N., Agalarov Z.S. Published: 11.08.2020
Published in issue: #4(133)/2020  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2020-4-81-94

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Product Quality Management. Standardization. Organization of Production  
Keywords: production system, diversifycation of production, diversification potential, production resources, assessment of enterprise potential

We studied the state of military-industrial complex enterprises and assessed their actual diversification and the degree of readiness to produce goods that are exportable and/or in demand in the civilian sector. The paper considers both the practical and theoretical problem investigation level and outlines approaches to ensuring a gradual development process concerning production diversification strategies for a mechanical engineering enterprise that belongs to the military-industrial complex. We estimated production flexibility and its diversification potential. We substantiated the difference and assessed the flexibility contribution of various types of economic activity in the enterprise. We looked into the connection between activity types (government order work and work in the open market) and the enterprise production system. We propose a structural model for the information system of the enterprise production system. We investigated a preliminary approach to developing diversification strategies for military-industrial complex enterprises. We propose changes to the Berry Index that specify the position of the enterprise. We considered an approach to estimating diversification readiness using the Berry Index and the altered Berry Index. We constructed a matrix for estimating the enterprise diversification readiness. We highlight the main problems that enterprises should solve to ensure successful production diversification


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