Development of Mechanical Engineering: State and Prospects

Authors: Kushnarev L.I. Published: 11.08.2020
Published in issue: #4(133)/2020  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2020-4-61-80

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Product Quality Management. Standardization. Organization of Production  
Keywords: competitiveness, quality, reliability, company, proprietary technical service, product support

The paper seeks to intensify innovation-driven development of Russian mechanical engineering enterprises and industries. The results of combined administrative and technological investigations unambiguously indicate the necessity and feasibility of restructuring the existing industrial system into large mechanical engineering companies and complexes. Integrating the efforts of every company department should ensure maintaining a competitive quality level and restoring the volume of engineering production, diversifying and modernising the manufacturing processes. Practical implementation of the investigation results in terms of substantiating the directions and steps involved in innovation-driven development will ensure not only high efficiency of introducing them into mechanical engineering and machine utilisation, but also the desired technological breakthrough in production, science and education


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