Effect of Autoclave Processing Parameters used to Form Hybrid SIAL Parts on the Structure and Properties of Al-Li Alloy 1441 Sheets

Authors: Serebrennikova N.Yu., Konovalov A.N., Sudarchikova M.A., Karpukhin S.D., Kolmakov A.G. Published: 07.06.2020
Published in issue: #3(132)/2020  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2020-3-70-84

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Technology and Equipment of Mechanical and Physical Processing  
Keywords: SIAL hybrid composite material, Al-Li alloy 1441, heat treatment, aging

The paper considers the main stages of developing hybrid composite materials similar to GLARE, such as SIAL, on the basis of alloy 1441 sheets. The technology of manufacturing aviation products via auto-clave forming of such materials includes additional episodes of heating the thermally processed alloy 1441 sheets that form part of the hybrid material structure. Studying the microstructure of the Al-Li alloy sheets, the number of emergent phases and their mechanical properties shows that there is no considerable variation to be found in the properties of the SIAL hybrid composite material as a result of the alteration taking place

The work is performed as part of actualising a comprehensive field of research 6.2 "Laminate fracture-resistant, high-strength metal-polymer materials" ("Strategic areas of developing materials and material processing technology for the period up to 2030")


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