Improved Technology for Heat-Shielding Coating Application onto Turbine Blades

Authors: Zakharov B.M., Bureev I.A. Published: 19.10.2016
Published in issue: #5(110)/2016  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2016-5-128-136

Category: Metallurgy and Science of Materials | Chapter: Material Science  
Keywords: heat-shielding coatings, electron-beam physical vapour deposition (EB-PVD), ASPS-process

The purpose of this research was to review melt crystallization in a free and limited volume. We analyzed the formation of heat-shielding coatings obtained by plasma and electron-beam method. Previous research provides a heat-shielding coating with the columnar structure obtained using the method of suspensions, representing nano-sized powders in liquid media. When spraying, the suspense evaporates and the coating is formed from the vapor phase in the form of a columnar structure. This structure is obtained by an expensive electron-beam method and it has a higher heat resistance than plasma lamellar structure obtained from powders. The method is cost-effective; however, its performance is poor. We proposed an effective technique of applying coating with a columnar structure in the chamber with reduced pressure.


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