Construction of Areas of Rocket-Booster Stability in Space of Configuration Parameters

Authors: Mukhin A.D., Temnov A.N. Published: 08.10.2013
Published in issue: #4(81)/2010  


Category: Dynamics, Strength, Reliability  
Keywords: rocket booster, configuration, tanks, liquid, oscillations, motion stability

Motion stability of rocket boosters is analyzed in space of configuration parameters that characterize positions of tanks with liquid and main aggregates relative to a characteristic point. Usage of configuration parameters makes it possible to estimate the influence of the moving liquid mass on the motion stability at an early stage of designing rocket boosters. The analysis is based on the representation of a numerator and denominator of the object's transfer function in the form of polynomials in configuration parameters of some degrees with coefficients depending on parameters of Laplace transform and the further application of the Mikhailov's criterion for constructing stability areas of the closed system. The effect of basic parameters of the controlled object and the automatic stabilization device on position of boundaries of the system stability is studied.