Development and Trend of Activities of Scientific School of Ballistics and Aerodynamics of Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Authors: Lysenko L.N., Kalugin V.T. Published: 31.01.2014
Published in issue: #3(60)/2005  


Category: Prominent Scientists & Scientific Schools  

The "Ballistics and Aerodynamics" department of BMSTU trains specialists in the field of control of motion and streamline of rockets and spacecrafts. Developing achievements of world-known scientific school of ballistics and aerodynamics of Bauman Moscow State Technical University the department personnel realizes its goal in continuation of traditions of their great predecessors who laid the fundamentals of scientific disciplines: N.Ye. Zhukovsky, S.A. Chaplygin, V.P. Vetchinkin. B.N. Yuriev, V.Ye. Slukhotsky, N.F. Krasnov, A.A. Dmitrievsky and others.