Mathematical Modeling of Electrical Drive on the Basis of Synchronous Permanent-Magnet Motors

Authors: Baikov A.I., Andryukhin M.V., Bobylev I.V. Published: 15.09.2014
Published in issue: #4(97)/2014  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2014-4-

Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: mathematical model, synchronous permanent-magnet motor, switching motions, analog-to-digital control, energy data, spectrum of harmonics

A comprehensive mathematical model of the automated electric drive based on synchronous permanent-magnet motor with self-commutated voltage inverter is proposed in the form of a system of ordinary differential equations. The system includes equations describing electromagnetic processes in the equivalent circuit of frequency converter on the basis of the self-commuted voltage inverter with vector pulse-width modulation, the electromechanical energy conversion in the motor, and data transformation in lagging elements of the closed-loop control system. Switching of the key elements in the power circuit, which has not been predetermined, coordinate transformations in the control system, and specific features of performing the analog-to-digital functions can be reproduced. The model is applied for the energy data analysis in case of non-sinusoidal currents and voltages. Comparison of the design and experimental spectra of the current and voltage harmonics testifies to the model adequacy.


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