Assessment of Stability of the GLONASS Orbital Constellation and Analysis of Impact of Disturbing Factors on its Degradation

Authors: Stupak G.G., Lysenko L.N., Betanov V.V. Published: 07.04.2014
Published in issue: #2(95)/2014  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: global navigation satellite system, ballistic structure of the system, orbit parameters, disturbing factors, degradation and stability of the system

The results of analysis of stability of the medium-altitude orbital constellation that is an integral part of GLONASS are presented. An impact of various disturbing factors on the constellation structure degradation is considered. Based on evaluation of possibility to fulfill the requirements for ensuring stability, the methods for keeping the system operational during the whole period of its active life are shown. The estimations of orbit evolution are given both for the existing standard ballistic structure and for advanced versions of its construction.


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