Investigating Characteristics of an Exhaust Diffuser with Central Body on Products of Solid Fuel Combustion

Authors: Volkov N.N., Volkova L.I., Gurina I.N., Kozaev A.Sh. Published: 06.02.2014
Published in issue: #1(94)/2014  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: altitude testing of rocket engines, exhaust diffuser, stern diffuser, supersonic diffuser, gas-dynamic wind tunnel, hub, diffuser characteristic

Results of the experimental investigation of characteristics of the model of an exhaust diffuser with central body as applied to rocket engines of upper stages of launch vehicles and boosters with large geometrical expansion ratios are given. A model of the diffuser and nozzle channel is the reduced-size copy (on a scale of 1:3.77) of the full-scale engine channel. Testing was conducted on combustion products of the low-temperature solid fuel. A construction of the diffuser model is presented and its main constructive components and metrological support are described. The diffuser characteristics (a relative pressure at the nozzle exhaust section depending on a relative pressure in the gas-generator combustion chamber) are given for several diffuser configurations differing in length. A rate of the gas-generator pressure growth was also varied during the tests. The experimental data are analyzed and the comparative quantitative estimations of traditional diffuser types are performed.


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