Mathematical Simulation of Basis Plasma Dynamic Characteristics in Laser Flare near Aluminum Target

Authors: Kuzenov V.V.  Published: 03.02.2014
Published in issue: #4(77)/2009  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: laser radiation, condensed media, plasma-dynamic model, numerical methods, structured grids

The problem statement is given, and the numerical simulation of plasma-dynamic processes in the near-surface laser jet is performed. The numerical implementation of the plasma-dynamic model is based on the multiunit multigrid technology of calculation on non-orthogonal structured grids with application of schemes of splitting for physical processes and directions. The solution to the split Reynolds equations is found with the help of the developed variant of the nonlinear quasi-monotonous compact differential-difference scheme of the heightened order of precision, whichallows achieving the 6th order precision in the 3D smooth part of the numerical solution.