Numerical Simulation of Thermal-Pressure Stresses in Quartz Particle under Non-Stationary Heating

Authors: Grishin Yu.M., Kozlov N.P., Komrakova A.Ye. Published: 03.02.2014
Published in issue: #4(77)/2009  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: non-stationary heating, plasma flow, quartz particle, thermal-pressure stresses, plasmochemical treatment

Results of the numerical simulation of dynamics of thermal-pressure stresses in a quartz particle under the non-stationary heating in a plasma flow are given. Peculiarities of dynamics of thermal-pressure stresses in the particle under condition of nonlinearity of thermal-physical quartz properties and phase transition of ?- to ?-quartz are revealed. The pressure component of the stress is analyzed and its links with temperature and with gas-liquid inclusions in vacuole are established. Conditions are determined under which the splitting of heated particles may take place.