Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Flow Past Model of X-43 Flying Vehicle

Authors: Zheleznyakova A.L., Surzhikov S.T. Published: 25.09.2013
Published in issue: #1(78)/2010  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: numerical simulation, computational aerothermodynamics, hypersonic flying vehicles, aerophysics, gas dynamics, heat exchange, supersonic flows, nonstructured grids

A problem of numerical simulation of the external hypersonic flow past a model of the unmanned airplane X-43 is considered. By computational aerodynamics methods, the disturbed flow field and thermal physical processes are investigated in the all area from the head shock wave to the far wake. A configuration of shock waves forming in a flow past the complex 3D model of a hypersonic flying vehicle is studied, and areas of the shock waves interaction with the vehicle surface are established as well. The influence is investigated of an angle of attack and a flow speed on the field flow, aerodynamic and heat characteristics of the hypersonic flying vehicle surface; X-43 integral aerodynamic characteristics, lift (CL) and drag (CD) coefficients are calculated for each mode. Dependences of the aerodynamic quality of the hypersonic configuration K on Mach number and angle of attack are obtained on the basis of these results. Data of the X-43 airplane flight experiment and wind tunnel testing are compared with numerical simulation results.