Effect of Double Aging on Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Maraging Steel 06KH14N6D2MBT

Authors: Tarasenko L.V., Unchikova M.V. Published: 15.09.2014
Published in issue: #4(97)/2014  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2014-4-

Category: Production Process Procedures and Machines  
Keywords: maraging steel, double aging, additional disintegration of martensite, cathodic e-Cu particles

Maraging steel 06KH14N6D2MBT used in aircraft industry is suggested as a material for a dynamometering resilient component. Traditional thermal treatment of this steel includes the overaging of chilled items and cannot be used for hardening resilient components because of the reverted austenite formation at high temperatures of aging. It is proposed to use double aging after hardening to achieve the high strength and corrosion properties. The structure and properties of hardened samples after the main and double aging including complementary lower-temperature heating are compared using the tensile and static bending tests, X-ray diffraction study, and metallographic, microroentgen-spectral and corrosive research. As a result of using double aging, the growth of strength properties and corrosion stability throughout the temperature range under study is found, which is associated with additional disintegration of martensite and formation of uniformly distributed disperse cathodic e-Cu particles.


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