Comparison Testings of Alternate Fuels for Diesel Engines

Authors: Vallejo Maldonado P.R., Devyanin S.N. , Markov V.An., Birukov V.V. Published: 10.12.2014
Published in issue: #6(99)/2014  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: diesel engine, diesel fuel, rapeseed oil, ethanol, biofuel mixture

For diesel engines the necessity of usage of alternative fuels which are made from renewable raw material resources was shown. They include plant oils and ethanol which are produced from vegetal resources. The dynamics of production and consumption of these fuels in European Union countries and the prospects of their further usage were considered. Methods of usage of plant oils as motor fuels were given. Physicochemical properties of vegetable-based fuels and problems which diesel engines have when they operate on such fuels were analyzed. The necessity of further researches performance of characteristics of diesel engines which run on biofuel mixtures was indicated. An experimental unit which allows performing such researches was described. The results of experimental researches of engine operating using diesel oil and various biofuel mixtures (mixtures of rapeseed oil and diethyl ether) are presented. It was demonstrated that usage of fuels based on vegetal oil and bioethanol not only allows substituting of oil motor fuels by alternative fuels produced from renewable raw material resources, but as well it improves indicators of exhaust toxicity first and foremost, smokiness. For the engine the smokiness reduction effect remains under variation of lead angle for injection and degree of compression. The maximum effect of smokiness reduction was attained when the engine operated on mixtures of rapeseed oil and 30% ethanol.


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