Distribution of Random Hydrodynamic Loads along the Length of Fuel Element Bundle of VVER Fuel Assemblies

Authors: Perevezentsev V.V. Published: 29.08.2013
Published in issue: #4(85)/2011  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: nuclear reactors, VVER fuel assemblies, fuel element vibrations, fuel cladding damages, pressure pulsations, random hydrodynamic loads

Values of random hydrodynamic loads and their distribution along the length of fuel element bundle are obtained for different hydrodynamic conditions at inlet of fuel assemblies of VVER reactors. The semi-empiric relations are proposed for the experimental data generalization. Maximum levels of random hydrodynamic loads at the initial hydrodynamic segment are proportional to the hydraulic resistance of the inlet devices (e.g., throttling orifices) and the bottom support lattice.