Use of Individual Throttle Devices for Hydraulic Profiling of the Coolant Flux in Reactor Model

Authors: Solonin V.I., Satin A.A., Getya S.I., Kobzev P.V. Published: 02.10.2014
Published in issue: #5(98)/2014  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: discharge header, throttling, aerodynamic experiment, computational fluid dynamics

Results of research of hydraulic characteristics of the coolant flow in fifty-five rod model of a core of a gas-cooled reactor and inside paths of the heat-carrier supply which contain throttle devices are presented. Conformity of experimental distributions of velocity and static pressure on an input to the core model, inside paths of a discharge header with results of the numerical simulation executed with the use of program complex ANSYS CFX v14.0 is shown. It is shown, that redistribution of the coolant flow behind a pressure head collector with vortex flow does not ensure flow balance input of the core but excludes pulsations of the charge in parts of cooling fuel elements under the big sufficiently hydraulic resistance factor of the throttle. Flow balance within section of a core is reached on distance of 10-15 hydraulic diameters of cooling paths.


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