Damping a Bunch of Heat Releasing Elements of Heat Releasing Assemblies of Water-Cooled Reactors in Flow of Heat Carrier

Authors: Solonin V.I., Sorokin F.D., Perevezentsev V.V. Published: 03.02.2014
Published in issue: #3(76)/2009  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  

The model of damping, which has been earlier developed by the authors for conditions of vibration of a bunch of heat releasing elements in macro immobile liquid, is used for determination of quantitative characteristics of vibration energy scatter in a flow of the heat carrier. In flow about the bunch of heat releasing elements, effects of the turbulent viscosity become apparent together with molecular viscosity. In this connection, the damping of the bunch under condition of the longitudinal flow about it by a stream of the heat carrier is considered on the basis of a model for the macro immobile liquid with the efficient viscosity that is determined by experiment data on the hydraulic resistance of heat releasing assemblies. A close agreement of the design and experimental values of vibration decrements is obtained, which confirms the validity of the generalization of the model of damping in macro immobile liquid for conditions of the heat carrier flow.