Experimental Study of Thermal and Hydraulic Characteristics of Casing and Pipe Heat-exchanger with Helical Bulkhead

Authors: Olesevich K.A., Olesevich A.K., Osipov M.I. Published: 22.01.2014
Published in issue: #2(67)/2007  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  

Thermal and hydraulic characteristics of the designed and fabricated water-water heater with helical bulkhead and profiled pipes are experimentally studied, ft was established that heat transfer coefficient of the heater is 1.4 times higher than that of a heater, serially produced according to "ГОСТ 27590" with a unit of support bulkheads and profiled pipes, on the condition of adhering to the state standard ("ГОСТ") requirements for pressure losses in pipes and within the inter-pipes space.