Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Coolant Flow in Bundles of Ribbed Fuel Rods Located with Increased Pitch of Spacing

Authors: Markov P.V., Solonin V.I. Published: 20.11.2013
Published in issue: #4(93)/2013  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: fast fission reactors, spacing of fuel rods, pressure drop coefficient, mass transfer, computational fluid dynamics

The numerical simulation offluid flow in 7- and 37-rod fuel assemblies is carried out. Fuel rods are spaced by two-rib wrap with different fin steps and distance between rods. The rod constructions of this type are offered to use in cores of fast fission reactors with lead coolant. Information about the flow structure in bundles, mass transfer characteristics is obtained and generalized. It is shown, that the mass transfer in bundles is determined by the Froude number while a pressure drop coefficient of the bundles depends on the Reynolds number and Froude number. It is found that a periodic change in the passage area of fuel assemblies results in uneven distributions of the static pressure over the surfaces of rods. This pressure unevenness increases as the fin step decreases.


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