Peculiarities of Application of Methyl Ether of Rapeseed Oil as Diesel Fuel

Authors: Markov V.An., Shuster A.Yu., Devyanin S.N.  Published: 07.10.2013
Published in issue: #3(80)/2010  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: diesel, diesel fuel, rapeseed oil, methyl ether of rapeseed oil, fuel economy, waste gas toxicity

The possibility of using an alternative fuel (methyl ether of rapeseed oil) in domestic transport diesels is considered. Results of experimental studies are given for the D-245.12S type diesel working on mixtures of the diesel fuel and methyl ether of rapeseed oil. The dependence of factors of the fuel economy and waste gas toxicity of the diesel under study on the mixed biofuel composition is shown.