CFD-model of Vaneless Diffuser of Centrifugal Compressor

Authors: Solovyeva О.А., Drozdov А.А., Popova E.Yu., Soldatova K.V. Published: 26.06.2021
Published in issue: #2(137)/2021  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2021-2-109-130

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Vacuum, Compressor Technology, and Pneumatic Systems  
Keywords: centrifugal compressor, vaneless diffuser, mathematical model, loss coefficient

The centrifugal compressor design involves the use of approximate engineering techniques based on mathematical modeling. One of such techniques is the universal modeling method, which proves to be practically applicable. Having generalized a series of CFD calculations, we used a mathematical model in the latest version of the compressor model to calculate flow parameters in vaneless diffusers. The diffuser model was identified based on the results of experimental studies of average-flow model stages carried out at SPbPU. The model is also used to calculate Clark low-flow centrifugal compressor stages with narrow diffusers with a relative width in the range of 0.5--2.0 %. For these stages, the developed mathematical model showed insufficient efficiency, since the dimensions of the diffusers go beyond the limits of its applicability. To solve this problem, we calculated a series of vaneless diffusers with a relative width in the range of 0.6--1.2 % in the ANSYS CFX software package. Relying on the results of CFD calculations, we plotted the gas dynamic characteristics of the loss coefficients and changes in the flow angle depending on the flow angle at the inlet to the vaneless diffuser. To process the calculated data, the method of regression analysis was applied, with the help of which a system of algebraic equations was developed that connects geometric, gas-dynamic parameters and similarity criteria. The obtained equations are included in a new mathematical model of the universal modeling method for calculating the flow parameters of vaneless diffusers. Comparison of the calculated gas-dynamic characteristics according to the new model with experimental data showed the average error of modeling the calculated (maximum) efficiency equal to 1.08 %

The study was supported by the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for young candidates of sciences MK-1893.2020.8.The calculations were carried out using the supercomputer center "Polytechnic", SPbPU


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