Studying the Strength Characteristics of Axial Compressor Blades

Authors: Sedunin V.A., Nuss A.S., Serkov S.A. Published: 12.06.2016
Published in issue: #3(108)/2016  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2016-3-90-99

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Vacuum, Compressor Technology, and Pneumatic Systems  
Keywords: axial compressor, calculation of strength, verification, the natural frequency, computational mesh size, structural computations, mechanical characteristics, stress-strain state, mode shapes, Campbell diagram, centrifugal force, shank, maximum voltage

The article provides a careful analysis of the natural frequencies spectrum of vibrations and the strength assessment under the centrifugal load for the original and redesigned blades of the axial compressor in a stationary gas turbine plant. We verified of the calculation model in order to achieve the agreement between the experimental data of the manufacturer with the calculated data. The findings of the research show that the original and redesigned blade meet the strength requirements. Thus, we managed to achieve the required strength characteristics of a newly developed blade according to the verified calculation model.


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