Computer-Aided Design and Parameter Computation for an Uncooled Axial Turbine Stage of a Small-Scale Gas-Turbine Engine

Authors: Danilov M.A. Published: 07.12.2018
Published in issue: #6(123)/2018  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2018-6-115-124

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Turbomachines and Combination Turbine Plants  
Keywords: small-scale gas-turbine engine, uncooled turbine stage, blisk, parametric model, computational fluid and gas dynamics, turbine blade

The paper describes a software package for computer-aided design and three-dimensional property computation for a single-stage turbine of a small-scale gas-turbine engine. The package can automate axial turbine stage design and related computations, as well as refine the model in minimum time. Using the package for computation and design leads to obtaining stage parameters for a specified rotor frequency in the desired point; 3D models of the nozzle block and runner are also formed, integrated into the manufacturing information. This package allows for replacing or updating specific computational modules if there arises a need to use other software. The sub-models for computing manufacturing, strength, heat and gas dynamic parameters are only applicable in the case of blisks, which are widely used in small-scale gas-turbine engines. Automation of our software package means it may be used together with other automated multicriteria optimization software


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