Forecast of Reactor Steel 08Х16Н11М3-ПД Mechanical Properties under Creep Conditions with Regard for Irradiation and without Irradiation

Authors: Demidov A.S., Kashelkin V.V., Kashtanov A.D., Jakovlev V.A. Published: 15.04.2015
Published in issue: #2(101)/2015  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2015-2-18-26

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Nuclear Power Plants, Fuel Cycle, Radiation Safety  
Keywords: long-term strength, creep, forecast, irradiation, strain, steel 08Х16Н11М3-ПД, steel AISI 316

Forecasting technique relies heavily on the works of S.A. Shesterikov with employees. The constants in the basic equations are determined by creep test results at three levels of stress. Experimental data obtained by the creep and long-term strength tests of steel 08X16H11M3-ПД at 600°C and 650°C are presented. Average theoretical value of the short-term strength limit and other factors of underlying equations are computed on the basis of these data. In this temperature range, a long-term strength of irradiated steel is evaluated. The assumption is used of the equality of the ratio of failure deformation on tensile diagram to failure deformation under creep for similar steels - AISI 316 and 08Х16Н11М3-ПД. Calculations show that the irradiation exposure significantly reduces the limit of long-term strength.


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