Mean Flow and Mass Exchange Structure in Dense Bundle of Fuel Rods of Gas-Cooled Reactor

Authors: Dunaytsev A.A., Solonin V.I. Published: 12.04.2017
Published in issue: #2(113)/2017  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2017-2-84-98

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Nuclear Power Plants, Fuel Cycle, Radiation Safety  
Keywords: hydrodynamics, mass transfer, rod bundle, cell, channel, numerical simulation, computational fluid dynamics, fuel rod element spacing, local heating, heat transfer, heat exchange intensification, speed, temperature, friction loss, static pressure

The study gives the results of simulating gas flow in a dense bundle consisting of 37 finned simulators of fuel rods enclosed in a hexagonal cover. The paper presents characteristics of the experimental stand, the physical work site model, the system and measurement techniques. We describe a method for constructing computational grids for rod arrays with mostly hexagonal elements. We analyzed the distribution of average velocity, temperature, static pressure, friction losses in the bundle. The distribution was obtained from the results of numerical simulation and measured in a physical experiment with local flow heating at the entrance to the bundle and some part of the rod simulators. Findings of the research show that the differ-rence between the calculated and experimental data on the flow characteristics is due to the geometrical deviations of a physical model paths from the nominal path geometry used in the calculations. We draw the conclusion about the possibility of using SST turbulence model for simulating dense finned bundles of fuel rods.


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