Research of Thermal-Hydraulic Processes in Porous Net-Shaped Matrix for Rotary Regenerator

Authors: Kostyukov A.V., Makarov A.R., Merzlikin V.G. Published: 14.02.2017
Published in issue: #1(112)/2017  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2017-1-129-140

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Hydraulic Machines and Hydropneumatic units  
Keywords: microturbine, heat-exchanger, porous-mesh matrix, heat transfer

This study focuses on physical and mathematical simulation of thermohydraulic processes in porous-mesh matrix consisting of 10 layers of metal mesh used in the heat transfer elements of rotary heat exchangers. We obtained the dependences descrybing the heating and cooling processes in porous-mesh matrix. To test the received dependences, we calculated the rotary heat  exchanger effectiveness of the transport microturbine with the capacity of 270 kW by mathematical simulation of thermohydraulic processes in porous-mesh matrix. The results of calculating the heat exchanger effectiveness with the refined temperature dependences of Colborne factor showed good agreement with the experimental data in the range of 1.5%.


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