Computational method for powerful non-adjustable volume hydraulic drive with several volume hydraulic motors

Authors: Nikitin O.F. Published: 14.02.2016
Published in issue: #1(106)/2016  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2016-1-89-100

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Hydraulic Machines and Hydropneumatic units  
Keywords: non-adjustable volume hydraulic drive, hydraulic motor, efficiency, power, pump supply, discharge pressure, pressure losses

The paper considers some ways of improving efficiency of the non-adjustable volume hydraulic drive with several volume hydraulic motors. The research shows that pressure losses must be the lowest ones along the pumping curve coming from the pump to the hydraulic motor input. The method of curve plotting for the hydraulic motor constant power is proposed. Its implementation gives an indication of both supply pressure values and the maximum pressure of the pumping unit. It also provides information about possible pressure values in the certain operational modes at the input of each hydraulic drive. It allows us to determine the optimal parameters of both the pumping unit and hydraulic drives. The ways of reducing energy losses are proposed: the liquid flow values should be determined as close to the supply values of the pumping unit as possible. In case of structural complexity, it is necessary to reduce throttling energy losses while using a flow control (consumption) and pressure valves. Analytical tests showed an increase in the efficiency of the 3-motor non-adjustable hydraulic drive from 10-15% up to 70-75%.


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