Analysis of Heat Transfer Processes in Combustion Chambers of Aircraft Piston Engines with Spark Ignition

Authors: Zelentsov A.A. Published: 09.02.2018
Published in issue: #1(118)/2018  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2018-1-75-82

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Heat Engines  
Keywords: aircraft piston engine, working process, local heat transfer, mathematical simulation

The article considers the features of local heat transfer in aircraft piston engines with individual spark plug moments and intensive swirl of inlet charge. The importance of using real piston and cylinder head geometry is noticed. The numeric investigation of working processes in combustion chambers is carried out using three-dimensional non-stationary equations of energy, motion, diffusion and continuity in Reynolds form with addition of k-z-f turbulence model. AVL FIREsoftware is used to obtain the numerical results. As a result, the local heat fluxes, heat transfer coefficients and gas temperatures for the real piston geometry (displacer and valve recess shapes) were obtained. Reduce of heat stress up to 10...15 % is also possible when individual spark moments with maximum interval 5° are realized


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