Assessment of Machinery Production Organization Efficiency Based on a Unified Quality Criterion

Authors: Zavozina O.Yu. Published: 28.03.2021
Published in issue: #1(136)/2021  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2021-1-114-132

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Product Quality Management. Standardization. Organization of Production  
Keywords: production organization, unified quality criterion, engineering products, price-quality ratio, production efficiency

The main indicator of the machinery production organization efficiency is a stable demand for the company's products in a long-term period. Demand is affected by two main characteristics: product quality and market price. The ratio of these two characteristics should be optimal for each type of product. The paper considers an approach to assessing the position of products on the market based on the analysis of the price-quality ratio. The purpose of the study is to develop a methodology for determining the efficiency of the machinery production organization by product characteristics, assessed in the system of a unified quality criterion. In our research, we introduce a method for calculating a unified quality criterion for widespread engineering products, and propose a new form of recording the quality criterion in the form of a unified criterion taking into account the vector of weight coefficients of the significance of products by branches of industry, which is the scientific novelty of the work. We applied an original method of assigning points to calculate this vector, and we found that for most manufacturers, the dependence of a unified quality criterion on the price of products is presented in the form of an S-shaped curve. Furthermore, we analyzed the market of bearings and identified analogues to study the quality level. The calculation of the criterion for quality indicators among analogs was performed. On the basis of the obtained calculations of a unified criterion, the relationship between the price and the quality of the product was compiled in the form of the Verhulst equation. The data are shown as a graph of the logistic function. By the example of a Russian manufacturer of bearings, specific recommendations are given to improve the price-quality ratio for certain parameters. The efficiency of organizing production of a specific machinery enterprise is assessed


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