Current state and prospects of capillary fuel-intake unitsmade of combined porous metals-mesh for long lifetime spacecraft

Authors: Aleksandrov A.A., Khartov V.V., Novikov Yu.M., Krylov V.I., Yagodnikov D.A. Published: 21.12.2015
Published in issue: #6(105)/2015  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2015-6-130-142

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Product Quality Management. Standardization. Organization of Production  
Keywords: porous permeable materials, innertank capillary type devices, spacecraft, combined porous metal-mesh, technological laser welding station, filters, technology welding machine

Development of the long lifetime spacecraft defines a number of problems. One of them is reliability assurance of innertank capillary type devices. The paper considers innertank capillary type devices. The research results demonstrate certain advantages of innertank capillary type devices made of combined porous metal-mesh over those made of metal-mesh based on separate metal woven wires. The research having been conducted at BMSTU for a long time shows that the adoption of a new design of innertank capillary type devices can be performed fast-track in case of close cooperation with industrial enterprises. It is proved by a successful cooperation of BMSTU and FSUE Research and Production Association n.a. S.A. Lavochkin resulted in the development of both innertank capillary type devices and capillary-porous fuel filters for Spektr-M spacecraft. The industrial prototypes of both innertank capillary type devices and fuel filters made ofcombined porous metal-mesh were manufactured on the designed and assembled prototype modules of the technological laser welding station. This allows organizing a production sector for duplication of these devices with the required quality which is predetermined by quality management systems. The obtained results allow planning research into development of industrial, testing, and check-out facilities for designing and manufacturing innertank capillary type devices made of combined porous metal-mesh for propellant system of long lifetime spacecraft, as well as training specialists in the appropriate field.


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