Method of Large Plastic Strain Research

Authors: Yaroslavtsev V.M. , Yaroslavtseva N.A.  Published: 11.08.2016
Published in issue: #4(109)/2016  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2016-4-71-80

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Forming Technologies and Equipment  
Keywords: coordinate dividing micro-grids, machining, chip formation, method of plastic deformation research, cutting with outstripping plastic deformation

Creating a theoretical framework for high-performance implementations of capabilities of the cutting method with outstripping plastic deformation (OPD), first proposed and developed in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, requires extensive research, including metallographic research. In the treatment area cutting with OPD uses two mechanical sources of energy: methods of surface plastic strain and cutting. To study the strain state of the material, method of coordinate dividing grids is widely used. However, the scientific literature does not describe a single experimental method of obtaining a deformation field pattern in the cutting area, which results from the total impact on the material of two consecutive large plastic strains - from pressure treatment and the process of cutting, as when cutting with OPD. We show a new method of applying micro-grids, which allows us to solve the task of recreating a real pattern of deformation occurring in the zone of chip formation when cutting with OPD under the actual operating conditions, the angles of sharpening the cutting tool and the use of intractable materials.


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