Analysis of Fluted Liners Axial Rotation

Authors: Rassokha S.S., Ladov S.V., Babkin A.V. Published: 06.12.2016
Published in issue: #6(111)/2016  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2016-6-74-88

Category: Mechanics | Chapter: Mechanics of Deformable Solid Body  
Keywords: shaped charge, shaped charge jet, fluted liner, oblique shock wave, rotation, spin-compensation

The purpose of this work was to analyze the fluted liners axial rotation by numerical and analytical methods. The study revealed that pressure at the border between the liner and the products of detonation depends on the pitch angle of the oblique shock wave front. This is the cause for the rotation. According to the pressure dependence on the angle between the shock wave and the liner surface, we estimated the angular velocity of the shaped charge jet. Influence of the liner material properties and cross-section dimensions on jet angular velocity also was evaluated. The results are in good agreement with known experimental data.


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