Tendencies of System Evolution for Automatic-Control and Regulation of Heat and Power Plants

Authors: Markov V.An., Shatrov V.I. Published: 02.10.2014
Published in issue: #5(98)/2014  


Category: Information  
Keywords: heat and power plants, combustion engines, diesel engines, automatic-control systems, automatic-regulation systems

Tendencies of system evolution for automatic-control and regulation of heat and power plants were considered based on the analysis of conference proceedings of All-Russian Research and Technology Workshop n.a.Prof VI. Krutov "VNTC im.prof. V.I. Krutova". Thus are presented mainly control and regulation systems for reciprocating internal combustion engine. It was shown that electronic control systems which are based on modern microprocessor technologies come into use in engines. The influence of these systems on power and dynamic characteristics of engines, indicators of fuel efficiency and exhaust toxicity was considered. The results of the analysis give an opportunity to evaluate the modern development level of these systems and to draw a conclusion about prospects of further research systems of automatic control and regulation. Besides that, it allows to define main tendencies of research in the field of fuel-injection equipment of diesel engines, engines working process, engine adjustment to usage with various alternative fuels, including gaseous fuels in a number of other spheres of engine-building.