Analysis of Tendencies for Improving the Systems of Automatic Control and Regulation of Heat-and-Power Plants

Authors: Markov V.An., Shatrov V.I. Published: 06.02.2014
Published in issue: #1(94)/2014  


Category: Information  
Keywords: heat-and-power plants, internal combustion engines, automatic control systems, systems of automatic regulation

Based on the analysis of materials of the All-Russia Scientific and Technical Seminar n. a. V.I. Krutov, main tendencies for improving the systems of automatic control and regulation of heat-and-power plants are considered, which makes it possible to estimate the contemporary level of their development, to draw conclusions on prospects offurther studies of systems of automatic regulation and control, and also to formulate trends of investigations in the field of fuel supply apparatus of the engines, working on alternative fuels, and in some neighboring fields.