On Brinell Test and the Punch Indentation into a Body with Large Cross Section. Part I

Authors: Vorontsov A.L., Strat’ev V.K. , Stupnikov V.P. Published: 11.09.2013
Published in issue: #2(87)/2012  


Category: Dynamics, Strength, Reliability  
Keywords: hardness, yield strength, stress, indentation of an axisymmetric punch into a body with large cross section

It is shown that the reliable determination of material's strength properties using the hardness measuring is impossible in principle. Basic equations are given which are required for the detailed analysis of the plastic yielding of a material of a body with large cross section when an axisymmetricpunch is indented in it. The kinematic state of the deformed material and tangential stresses arising in it are determined. The full agreement between tangential stresses and a shear rate is obtained for the first time.