Studying the Impact of Dissipative Properties of Structural Members on Internal-Ballistics Characteristics of a Solid-Propellant Rocket Engine

Authors: Kashina I.A., Sal'nikov A.F. Published: 07.04.2014
Published in issue: #2(95)/2014  


Category: Inspection and Diagnostics  
Keywords: solid-propellant rocket engine, longitudinal acoustic instability, combustion chamber, dynamic magnification factor, energy dissipation

A change in energy dissipation of structural members of a solid-propellant rocket engine under condition of the resonant or near-resonant interaction with the gas wave processes is analyzed. This interaction results in the enhancement of the gas oscillation amplitude due to the energy redistribution in structural members. The process is accompanied by the internal volume change of the combustion chamber of the solid-propellant rocket engine; the amplitude of pressure oscillations inside the combustion chamber also increases. To analyze the change in energy dissipation of structural members of the solid-propellant rocket engine is necessary for engine failure prevention during its operation.


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