Problems of functional diagnostics of liquid-propellant rocket engines

Authors: Levochkin P.S., Martirosov D.S., Bukanov V.T. Published: 11.06.2013
Published in issue: #1(90)/2013  


Category: Inspection and Diagnostics  
Keywords: liquid-propellant rocket engine, functional diagnostics, mathematical model, diagnostic characters

Main problems of functional diagnostics of a liquid-propellant rocket engine (LPRE) are stated forth. Basic tasks for creating a system of functional diagnostics are discussed, which include: checking the correctness of the engine operation; revealing a failure and its location; estimating the work stability and the spent life of the engine; forecasting its operation in the future applications. Mathematical aspects of the theory are considered, on which the methods are based for forming diagnostic characters according to the steady values of parameters and their derivatives, as well as their connection with the possible anomalous operation modes of LPREs. Possible algorithms for formation of the diagnostic characters are shown, which provide obtaining the real-time reliable diagnostic information on working-process parameters immediately at the points of location of primary measuring converters, simulating the damageability of dynamically loaded structure members, and revealing the working-process unsteadiness and the instability of the LPRE structure members as a whole. Ways are outlined for further development of functional diagnostics to ensure the avoidance of pre-emergency situations.


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