Methodology of Selection of Rational Regimes for Cooling the Hydrocarbon Fuel by Launch Equipment before Filling of Fuel Tanks of Launch Vehicle

Authors: Aleksandrov A.A., Goncharov R.A., Igritskii  V.A., Chugunkov V.V. Published: 29.08.2013
Published in issue: #1(82)/2011  


Category: Design  
Keywords: launch equipment, fuel tanks, filling, base inertia parameters, hydrocarbon fuel, cooling system

Scientific and methodical aspects of analyzing the processes of cooling of hydrocarbon fuel using the technologies of propellant preparation before filling of launch-vehicle fuel tanks, which are based on application of boiling liquid nitrogen, are considered. The necessity of the similar analysis arises in designing systems for cooling the fuel by the launch equipment and in determining the rational operation regimes for the cooling loop at which the minimal amount of liquid nitrogen will be consumed.