Reduction in Power Consumption of Hoisting and Transport Cars in Acceleration-Deceleration Cycle

Authors: Leonov I.V. Published: 06.02.2014
Published in issue: #1(94)/2014  


Category: Design  
Keywords: power consumption, acceleration, braking, energy recuperation, mathematical model, improvement of efficiency and profitability, instant of switching, optimum power of the car

The reasons for decrease in profitability of the hoisting and transport cars are changes in their speed and loading, deviations of which from optimum values cause a growth in energy loss. Another reason for growth in energy loss of these cars is the process of forced braking when it is necessary to stop the car. Now a new class of hoisting and transport cars with hybrid power plants has appeared which are capable to recuperate the energy of braking and hence to reduce a total power consumption. However, a novel advanced method can be offered for increasing the profitability of the hoisting and transport cars (by means of changing an instant of switching in the acceleration-deceleration cycle), the use of which does not require any expensive devices for recuperating the energy of braking.


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