Shear Force Loading of Joint Bolted with Gap

Authors: Ivanov A.S., Yermolaev M.M. Published: 25.09.2013
Published in issue: #1(78)/2010  


Category: Design  
Keywords: threaded coupling, tangential pliability, contact layer displacement, local slipping, fretting-corrosion, unevenness of load distribution among bolts, relative dissipation of energy

The calculation of the tensile load and displacements change in the contact layer along the joint is suggested. The influence of the tangential pliability of the contact layer of the joined parts on the threaded joint work is taken into account. This has resulted in the possibilities: to predict the fretting-corrosion occurrence in the cyclic loading, to calculate the friction force work in the joint, to estimate the unevenness of the shear load distribution among bolts, to develop constructive measures improving the joint reliability.