Thermodynamic Effectiveness Analysis of Low-Tonnage Plant for Natural-Gas Liquefaction with Rotor Wave Cryogenic Generator

Authors: Arkharov A.M., Semenov V.Yu., Malakhov S.B. Published: 10.12.2014
Published in issue: #6(99)/2014  


Category: Cryogenic Engineering  
Keywords: natural gas liquefier, rotor wave cryogenerator, adiabatic efficiency, thermodynamic perfection

On the basis of a cycle of average pressure, characteristic for conditions of gas-distributing stations, the scheme of natural gas liquefier with source of new type cold - the rotor wave cryogenerator is offered. With the help of a method entropy - the statistical analysis it is shown that at the reached and experimentally confirmed value of adiabatic efficiency of the rotor wave cryogenic generator of 55 % degree of thermodynamic perfection of the offered installation makes 17,1%.


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