Thermal and Optical Characteristics of Dielectrics in Intense Radiation Field. On Reflection Factor of Laser Radiation for Ablating Dielectrics

Authors: Protasov Yu.Yu., Rubinov A.N. Published: 26.01.2014
Published in issue: #4(53)/2003  


Category: Brief Reports  

Results are given of the experimental determination of reflection factors of laser radiation at standard frequencies (λ1 ~ 10.6 μm, λ2 ~ 1.06 μm, λ3 ~ 0.69 μm, λ4 ~ 0.241 μm) during the reflection from dielectric polymeric targets (C–H–O–N–F) having the complex chemical composition under vacuum within the range of the coherent radiation power densities (I0 ~ 104...107 W/cm2) being thresholds for creating a wave of the developed vaporization.