Prospects for the Glow Plug Application to Multiple Starts of Thrusters Operating on Anergolic Bipropellant

Authors: Kochanov A.V., Klimenko A.G. Published: 15.04.2015
Published in issue: #2(101)/2015  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2015-2-57-67

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Thermal, Electric Jet Engines, and Power Plants of Aircrafts  
Keywords: small thruster, ignition, glow plug, oxygen, hydrogen, burning chamber, pre-chamber

The results of studies on implementation of forced fuel ignition in the thruster’s chamber by means of low-mass-dimensional glow plug are presented. The short characteristic of requirements to the thruster and fuel ignition system is given. To provide multiple thruster ignition and glow plug safety, fuel ignition is produced in the pre-chamber. Gaseous oxygen as an oxidizer, and gaseous hydrogen and methane, as well as liquid kerosene and ethanol as a fuel, are considered. Brief comparative characteristics of glow ignition system are considered on the base of standard aircraft model candles and alternative electric-spark and laser systems. The experimental data concerning reliable ignition and sufficient power of a candle for ignition of the considered fuel compositions, are included. On the basis of the experimental data analysis of oxygen-hydrogen thruster start, the influence of candle design and heating element parameters on the efficiency offuel ignition in the engine pre-chamber is shown. Measures to compensate deficient dynamic characteristics of a glow plug are offered.


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